Pic Post: Week 2 in the Cave

Last week I wrote my blog post while having a serious case of the Mondays. It kind of sucks because it’s way more fun to write when I’m feeling pissy and snarky. Right now I’m just feeling grateful for a fun weekend and to be living with fun girls in the cave. So since being grateful and feeling hashtag blessed is much less fun to read about, I’ll just skip right into the pics.

It was another semi-normal week in the cave and then the girls and I went to Granada for the weekend. The weather was terrible (yes, it’s STILL cold here) but our AirBnB had a heater so we were thrilled.

The girls and I (Judith & Wiebke) were cold (surprise, surprise) so we went to one of the many China stores in town and bought matching flannels, sweatpants, and fuzzy socks.

I took advantage of some nice weather and went for a run. It is much hillier here than MN, FYI.

Some panoramas I took while running (aka while walking to recover because I can’t run up hills without dying).


Starting my hand-painted wall pattern. This was such a fun project to work on but I was so terrified to start it. Hannah didn’t really have any of the right tools but luckily I had a level.

Nice sunset at the cave

Mural/pattern progress, midweek

Sitting outside watching The Bachelor since the wifi only works outside. Hannah brought this dog, Mickey, home from the shelter for a few days to see how he interacted with cats before someone potentially adopts him. He is the cutest little dog but seriously one of the most annoying animals I have ever interaccted with. He tried to crawl on my keyboard every 30 seconds until I just said “Fuck It” and went inside. All of the shelter dogs are terribly trained and have dingleberries hanging from their butt fur. I wish I could help them, but I can’t, so I just complain and get annoyed by them instead.

My first meal in Granada. Per usual, I didn’t know what I was ordering but I knew I wanted meat so apparently I just ordered an enormous meat and cheese platter. Along with that, I ordered a beer and received a free plate of slices of ham. Wtf.

Unsatisfied with my charcuterie platter, I went for the giant cheesecake to top off the meal.

Our cute little place we rented on AirBnb. The host was super friendly, showed us our room, and then started smoking a bunch of weed in the living room so I felt right at home. And she could’ve shown me a closet with a sleeping bag and started doing meth and I would’ve cried tears of joy cuz there was a heater so I didn’t care what was going on.

Yay coffee! I think I’m ready to retire the bit where I tell people “I don’t even drink coffee” cause I was so happy to drink a latte after only drinking flavored hot water for 2 weeks.

We went to the Cathedral in Granada and I was seriously blown away. The architecture and design details were unreal. After seeing this, I looked at my pitiful cave wall painting and wanted to cry a little bit because mine is so pathetic.

Spices (I think) in one of the many shops in Granada. They were beautiful and smelled delicious.

It was hailing at this point, so we sought shelter at a nearby restaurant in which I experienced my first plate o churros. I always said I didn’t like churros because I had only had those long, rock hard, sugar-coated sticks they have at like the demolition derby in America. These things were like long, crispy but soft mini donut sticks from heaven that we then dipped in a cup of chocolate.

At night we got drinks + tapas. I FINALLY had real, good tapas that weren’t just a plate of ham or bad, salty meat on toast. YUM.

The next day we couldn’t get a bus back to the cave until 5:45 so we basically just ate all day. Judith and I got the 10 euro special which was way too much food, most of which was more slices of ham and various types of bread. It also came with a “fruit salad” (aka the fancy looking fruit cocktail thing) which was actually just fruit floating in orange juice. Still good though.

Fun weekend!! It was really hard to come back to the cave considering how bad the weather was…but the forecast is looking up for this week. I mostly finished my wall painting today, and I made the girls do a cave workout with me today as well. They left halfway through, laughing, saying I am crazy. Hey, it’s the best way to stay warm.

Judith and Wiebke (pronounced You-dith and Veep-kuh… I had to ask them how to spell their names since they pronounce them so German haha) are awesome by the way. I feel bad that I met them the night I was going bonkers because there were way too many people in the cave. One of the many epiphanies I’ve had here is that I am way too quick to judge and not very empathetic to people that are in similar situations as me. It should be easy, but when you’re cold, hungry, or tired, it’s easy to get kind of selfish. More to come on my big personal epiphanies later.


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