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I started this as a travel blog, now it’s a life blog. I’m a freelance designer based in Minneapolis. Hobbies include watching terrible TV shows and posting pictures of kale while I actually eat ice cream for dinner.

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New Year’s Resolution: Continue To Tame My Mammoth

Bring on the goals

It’s that time of year again when the holiday indulgence guilt kicks in and everyone decides that just because the year has changed, we have to change too. Don’t get me wrong, I love goal-setting just as much as the next gal…in fact, I’d say it’s one of my favorite things. I’ve just never been one to create drastic goals just because the calendar says Jan 1 instead of Dec 31. I stopped doing that when I realized my 7th grade New Year’s Resolution of “getting a six pack” still hadn’t come true 10 years later.

I do appreciate the New Year as a time of reflection and anticipation. Despite some of the tragic events that occurred in 2016, I had a pretty kickass year… and I think personally reflecting on why that is, is important. At least it’s important to me.

As I’ve revealed in a few of my previous posts, my main struggle in relationships, fitness, and work build...

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Raised on Sugar: A Nutrition Conversation Between a Millennial and Her Baby Boomer Dad

Before you read this post, check out this Buzzfeed quiz:
The Hardest “Would You Rather” For ’90s Kids

I stumbled upon this quiz while scrolling through my Facebook. I love anything 90s related so I was pumped to take this stupid quiz. As I decided whether “I’d rather scoop” Dunkaroos or Handi-Snacks, I felt my mouth start to salivate. OH MY GOD I WANT A COSMIC BROWNIE. FRUIT-BY-THE-FOOT. YES. FUN DIP. PIZZA LUNCHABLE. !@$%&*)(&%$

Why is my body so f***ing excited to see these terrible foods? Foods I would now NEVER purchase at the grocery store. Is it just nostalgia or something more? The bigger question is, why was I raised on such nutritionally god-awful food? DIDN’T MY PARENTS LOVE ME?

Looking Back

A few of my friends and I have this theory that our parents were raised on very fundamental, boring foods. Think rice, potatoes, Spam…anything cheap. As they started having kids, the...

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This is Us: Watch All of Your Favorite Stars From 2002 Cry

I saw a trailer for “This is Us” on my Facebook feed a few months ago. All of my aunts were sharing it so I knew it would be some sort of terrible shit that I’d love to binge-watch after a day of dealing with tedious client feedback. The trailer also features a classic, heartwarming Jason Mraz song that could honestly make Two Girls One Cup look sentimental. It also includes dramatic statements that make me feel united with the world even though in reality, everyone is shooting each other and Donald Trump is legitimately running for presidency. Somehow phrases like “This is life”, “This is support,” “This is courage,” and “This is forgiveness,” when set to Jason Mraz of course, really tug at the heart strings. And wait, is that MANDY MOORE??

Watch the trailer here

I was hooked, in a shameful kind of “I love the Bachelor” sort of way. Since I figure it will be mostly 50-something moms...

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I Randomly Decided to go Vegetarian the Day Before a Pig Roast and Meat Fondue Party. You’ll Never Believe What Happened Next!

Me indulging on my one true meat-love: Pulled Pork

I think there are two types of vegetarians in the world; those who want everyone to know they are vegetarian and those who really don’t want anyone to know. I’m not dissing those who are vegetarian for legitimate ethical reasons and believe in spreading those views. I’m talking about the people who seem like they literally chose to stop eating meat so they could announce that they’d have the vegetarian option at the next business lunch to get more attention. That’s definitely why I decided to try it.

Actually, about 2 months ago, I completed a clean-eating challenge that was similar to the Whole-30 program. The biggest thing, and the root of all good diets (IMHO), is veggies first. If I eat as many veggies as I want, the rest of my diet is positively impacted. I don’t feel as hungry, I don’t snack as much, I have more energy during...

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Oh, Charlie: How Living With a Kid Has Changed My Perspective

I don’t particularly like kids. I got to a certain age and decided I didn’t want to go to musicals anymore and I also didn’t want to spend time with tiny people who are a terrible combination of annoying, dependent, and hyper. When I found a Workaway in Italy that worked with my schedule, I must’ve pretended I didn’t see that they had a 7-year-old boy. I purposefully only contacted Workaway hosts that didn’t have kids or needed help with childcare.

Alas, I arrived at Ruth and Steve’s house on a Thursday night. Steve and Charlie (the 7-year-old boy) were already in bed. I enjoyed some wine and cheese with Ruth, made smalltalk and pretended that I was wildly excited to meet Charlie in the morning. “He’s really excited to meet you,” Ruth told me. “Aww, sweet. I cannot wait to meet him!” I replied. It was a lie, because like I said, I don’t like kids. And I assumed Charlie being excited to...

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Recipe: Paleo Kale Shakshouka

I recently completed a challenge at my gym which followed a meal plan similar to Whole-30, so mostly paleo. I learned a lot during the challenge about nutrition, my body’s reaction to certain foods, and most importantly, how to create tasty meals on the fly using whatever I have in my kitchen.

Although I’m definitely back in the routine of eating cookie dough, ice cream, and cheese now and again- I’ve continued to follow a similar paleo-ish diet, especially during the week. I hope this blog will be a nice way to share some of the recipes I’ve loved, tweaked, or concocted on my own.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Paleo Kale Shakshouka

1 chopped shallot
1 tbsp olive oil
1 bunch of kale, stems removed, chopped
½ cup marinara sauce (make sure the marinara is clean if paleo)
2 eggs
Salt & pepper
Crushed red pepper
Optional: Avocado, green onions


  1. Heat the olive oil in a pan for a minute or...

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What Anxiety Looks Like to Me

I think everyone is quick to judge and share their opinions surrounding anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. Even though I’ve struggled with some of these issues myself, sometimes I’m still quick to judge.

“They aren’t even trying to get better.”

“Everyone and their mom has an anxiety disorder these days.”

-Random judgmental thoughts I’ve had while trolling social media

Talking about mental health isn’t fun. Like most serious topics, I worry I’m going to offend someone. I worry that I haven’t had it bad enough to really even discuss these topics at all. Therefore, the best way for me to approach this topic is to discuss what anxiety looks like for me. I’ve recently found the best way for me to deal with problems in my life is to find like-minded people who face similar struggles and to just talk. No solutions necessary, just an open discussion to talk about what’s...

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Pic Post: Weeks 3 & 4 in the Cave

With a lot of moving around lately, I haven’t been great about updating the blog. The last 2 weeks in the cave were a weird mix of being way better and way worse than the first 2. In some ways, I got really comfortable with living in a cave and in many ways, I just got really annoyed. Anyways, I am now in Italy with my new Workaway hosts and I am much happier here.

Week 3
The week was pretty fun. Admittedly, after having so much fun in Granada it was pretty difficult to come back to boring-ville aka Huescar. I worked on some super random stuff including one fun project which involved finding whatever stuff I could around Hannah’s house, painting that stuff, and then hanging it on her cave wall. The weekend was fun, Hannah’s builder friend Raymond encouraged us all to go to Castril (a nearby town) which we gladly said yes to. Hannah went too, cause she only does anything fun when other...

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On Traveling Alone: A Love Letter To My Other Half

Today I got an email from Hostel World, the website that I have found the majority of my hostels through, with a listicle titled “8 things I learnt as a solo female traveller in South America.” First of all, I hate the word learnt. Second of all, this is not the first article I’ve seen like this. In fact, I read many articles like this before deciding that my journey was the right choice for me. Most of them were quite accurate! But looking back, most of them also read like a monthly horoscope. “You will feel very independent. Although it is lonely at times, your longing for adventure will overcome any lingering doubts. Explore on, fierce Lion! You will get a cute text on the 15th.”

As broad as these articles may be, it is very true that traveling alone causes you to feel heightened emotions. If you hear the sad trombone noise in your head every time you see an old guy out to lunch...

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Pic Post: Week 2 in the Cave

Last week I wrote my blog post while having a serious case of the Mondays. It kind of sucks because it’s way more fun to write when I’m feeling pissy and snarky. Right now I’m just feeling grateful for a fun weekend and to be living with fun girls in the cave. So since being grateful and feeling hashtag blessed is much less fun to read about, I’ll just skip right into the pics.

It was another semi-normal week in the cave and then the girls and I went to Granada for the weekend. The weather was terrible (yes, it’s STILL cold here) but our AirBnB had a heater so we were thrilled.

The girls and I (Judith & Wiebke) were cold (surprise, surprise) so we went to one of the many China stores in town and bought matching flannels, sweatpants, and fuzzy socks.

I took advantage of some nice weather and went for a run. It is much hillier here than MN, FYI.

Some panoramas I took while...

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